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Donnerstag, 5. November 2015, 01:37

Any moves to rewrite Patrician III.

I enjoy Patrician 3, but, under Steam and WIndows 10, it is unplayable. Frequent crashes and limited to 800x600 graphics.

I have raised the issue with Kalypso Media. Their response was:

"thank you for your ongoing interest in Patrician 3 but the developers
moved on to more recent projects. There are currently no patches /
updates planned to establish compatibility with windows 8 or 10."

That suggest to me that the game is defunct as far as they are concerned. Yet I note they are still selling it on Steam.

Well, I enjoy the game, and would be sorry to see it go, does anybody know of a project to write a modern version? If there is one I would like to help.

SIncerely R A Evans
Ciao Ric Evans



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Samstag, 5. März 2016, 20:50

I would like to be part of a rewrite. I once even started a game, but I always end on the graphics. I'm a terrible artist. But for the game play mechanisms and AI I would be interested in helping. I have a post by Whistler that has many good ideas.

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